BİYOTEKSAN, which produces national and corporate products and solutions that incorporates domestic and national biometric technologies, is a subsidiary of POLSAN and HAVELSAN.

The development of a fast, efficient and reliable domestic and national biometric identification system is crucial for the best interests of our country and the security of individuals.

The use of unique biological characteristics of individuals (e.g. biometrics such as fingerprints, palm vein prints, iris map) has been gradually increasing in the determination of identities thereof. Ensuring the security of biometric data, which are frequently used in mobile phones, and in healthcare and banking services in daily lives of individuals, is a matter of national security. To this end, BİYOTEKSAN was established to keep the biometric data of our citizens in our country and to easily use them to make lives of individuals convenient while protecting such data with high standards.



The first solution we developed in the field of National Biometric Identification Systems was the Fingerprint Recognition Systems, which utilize Domestic and National algorithms. Our work in other current biometric identification technologies (palm and finger vein prints, face, iris, retina, voice and similar) have been underway.

Our fingerprint recognition system consists of two basic products: The first is our Qualified (Clean) Fingerprint Recognition product, which is primarily used in identification solutions (e.g. ID, passport, driver's license, etc.). The second is our Unqualified (Crime Scene) Fingerprint Recognition product used for Criminal purposes.

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BİYOTEKSAN is a subsidiary of POLSAN and HAVELSAN.

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